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Indigenous Studies

International Indigenous Studies Topics

Indigenous Studies are, by their very nature, worldwide in scope and  interdisciplinary in character.   Libraries and Cultural Resources  have a wide variety of materials to support research and teaching in this area - books, journal articles, video, microforms, art, and artifacts.     You will find resources that focus not only on Canadian Indigenous resources but resources for study of Indigenous peoples around the world.   For additional help, contact your Indigenous Studies Librarian.



Research Portals: Canadian and North American Indigenous Studies

Aboriginal Film Collection

This nationally-significant film collection documents a part of Canadian history and national life, especially as it pertains to the production of fiction and documentary films and television programs on the history and development of the First Nations.   The date range of the collection is 1946 to 1988, with most titles falling between 1973 and 1985.   Thanks to a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, selected titles have been converted to DVD.

Indigneous spiritualities