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Indigenous Studies

Finding Indigenous Studies Books at UofC

Even though it is out-of-date, the official subject heading for topics about Indigenous peoples on this continent is "Indians of North America".   So try typing that into your search along with with other keywords to describe your topic. 

For example, to find information on how Europeans affected the health of Indigenous peoples in Canada, I might type in:
"Indians of North America" AND "disease" AND "history"   in the main search box

You can also type in the name of individual tribes or geographic areas to help focus your search.

Other  subject headings or keywords to consider using in the catalogue or in databases include:

  • Aboriginal
  • Indigenous
  • Native
  • Native Peoples
  • Indian
  • First Nations
  • Métis
  • Inuit
  • Indians of North America
  • Indians of South America
  • Eskimo

If you are searching for information on Indigenous peoples from countries other than Canada, combine the country with the term , e.g.  aboriginal AND Australia.