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Religious Studies

Guide to key sources for research in Religion

Background Sources for Indigienous Spiritualities

American Indian Religious Traditions: An Encyclopedia  (3 volumes) -  Location

Encyclopedia of Religion - see articles such as  North American [Indian] Religions: History of Study

Native American Spirituality: A Critical Reader



See also  "Aboriginal Knowledge and Spirituality"  - links posted by the BearPaw Digital Library


Finding Books and Articles on Indigenous Spiritualities

While the library search box is a good tool for locating books and journal articles, it is often best to supplement results by using specialized Indigenous Studies  and religious studies databases.  Consult  Databases page for a listing of databases by subject as you may find useful databases in other subject areas such as anthropology and history.

Here are some key sources for locating academic articles and papers on Indigenous Studies:


Primary Sources for Indigenous Spiritualities

A few examples of  digital sources of primary texts/ethnographies include: