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Bachelor of Health Sciences

"Known item" search

Search for these in the library catalogue - start at the library homepage (

  1. Bush, V. (1945) Science: The endless frontier.
  2. Merton, R. (1942) “The Normative Structure of Science” from The Sociology of Science: Theoretical and empirical investigations
  3. Raphael, D. (2006) Social determinants of health: Present status, unanswered questions, and future directions. International Journal of Health Services. 36: 651–677.
  4. Nemiroff. (1999). Women’s changing landscapes life stories from three generations. Second Story Press. 
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  5. Masoudiyekta, Nosratabadi, M., Tayebpour, M., & Mehranfard, S. (2022). Relationship between health literacy and pregnancy consequences in women referring to comprehensive health service centers. Journal of Health Literacy6(4), 69–76.
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  6. Search for osteroperosis on Pubmed Clinical Queries with diagnosis as the filter. What do you notice about the difference between broad and narrow as the scope selection? 

(First three are readings from the Fall 2021 syllabus)

Peer Review

Sample search approach for Individual Assignment 1

Go to the library's list of databases (opens in a new window)

Bhutta, Zulfiqar A., et al. “Evidence-Based Interventions for Improvement of Maternal and Child Nutrition: What Can Be Done and at What Cost?” The Lancet, vol. 382, no. 9890, Aug. 2013, pp. 452–77. (Crossref), doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(13)60996-4.

  • Setting up Google Scholar
    • Cited By (search within "iodine supplementation")
    • Related Articles (not necessarily newer than original article, but similar relevancy, keywords, authors and topic)
    • Use subject headings and key words from the article and publisher's page (if available) to learn more
  • Scopus
    • Search for the article
    • Choose "Sort on: Cited by (highest)"
    • Click on the article title
      • See the References section - "View in Search Results Format" link
      • SciVal Topics (note: the "analyze in SciVal" feature at 9:05 is no longer available)
      • "Cited by" section: click "View all..." --> "Analyze Results"
      • "Related documents" section
    • Keyword Search (one concept per line)
      • "maternal nutrition" AND "food insecurity"


Sample search approach for Group Presentation 1

For my example, I am researching the etiology of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD)

PubMed --> scroll down to, and click "Clinical Queries" --> broad search "lewy body dementia", Filter by Etiology.

As you learn more about your topic, you may want to add to your search, e.g. AND alcohol

PubMed's Medical Genetics Search Filters: check at least one of the boxes in the "Category" section

PubMed Advanced Search:

("lewy body dementia"[Title/Abstract] OR LBD[Title/Abstract]) AND (etiology[Title/Abstract] OR pathogenesis[Title/Abstract] OR origin[Title/Abstract] OR "family history"[Title/Abstract] OR genetic*[Title/Abstract] OR intrinsic[Title/Abstract] OR extrinsic[Title/Abstract] OR idiopathic[Title/Abstract])

Think about the possible keywords that you can search that would contribute to the big picture of the etiology of your disease/condition you are learning more about. 

Notes about the video below

The Medical Genetics column (mentioned at 4:11) is no longer displayed as a set of results. See the Medical Genetics Search Filters page for an equivalent search - remember to check at least one of the boxes in the "Category" section.

(Additionally, the Systematic Reviews filter has moved; it is now an option under the "Article Type" filter on the main PubMed search results page.)


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