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Distance Education

As a distance student attending the University of Calgary, you have the resources and services of a large research library available to you.

Campus Card Office

Procedures for getting a regular Campus Card

Go to to the Unicard Office (Hotel alma)

The UNIcard has become an online service


IT Account

Getting an IT Account

To get an IT account, follow the instruction on the Information Technologies Account Registration.

Library Authentication


Your Library Account provides an overview of your library activity, status, and contact information. You can view due dates, loans, requests, fines, and account expiry.

You can sign into your Library Account from the library homepage.


1. Select My Account located at the top right of the menu bar.


2. Select your user group:

  • Students, Faculty and Staff  (Distance Eduction falls into this group)


3. Enter your login credentials:

  • For Students, Faculty and Staff enter your IT username and password.

For students, including distance education,  all library notifications are sent to your UCalgary email address.




Your Card

Why would a distance education student want a University of Calgary ID card? There are a number of reasons.

  • Most library databases are licenced to only be accessible to University of Calgary students, faculty and staff. If you are off campus and using the Internet to access us, the only way that we can authenticate you as a University of Calgary student is by using the barcode on the back of your University of Calgary ID. If you do not have a campus card, we cannot provide you with access to important databases that you will need to use for some of your assignments.
  • The discounts! All kinds of discounts are available to enrolled university students. Greyhound, Via Rail, and many other businesses give discounts to university students.
  • Your family and friends! We know that everyone is proud that you are a U of C student. Now you can show them your University of Calgary ID.

Procedures for getting a non-photo Campus Card

  1. Check with your program coordinator first. Many programs already have a system in place to make sure that distance education students receive their ID card.
  2. If for some reason you do need to obtain a card on your own, you will need to contact the Campus ID Office.
  3. Send the Campus ID Office the following item:
  • A photocopy of the front and back of your driver's licence. If you don't have a driver's licence, you should be able to substitute a photocopy of some other photo ID. Check with the Campus ID Office first, to make sure that your substitute ID is acceptable.
  1. Make sure that your student number is included with the information that you send to the Campus ID Office!
  2. The Campus ID Office will send you a nonphoto distance education ID.