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Northern Studies

This guide will assist researchers in locating information resources as they relate to the north and Arctic regions.

General Northern Studies Databases

Northern Studies research is by it's very nature interdisciplinary and incorporates a large number of First Nation communities as well as the Inuit and  the Métis to whom the North is their ancestral home. These indigenous communities have a rich history and many traditions that are often transmitted through songs, stories, and other oral traditions. Some of these stories are reflected in the documents, databases, and auditory/video resources provided on this page, however they are not all encompassing and many resources still  reflect Canada's colonial history, particularly those dealing with historic government documents. Though the following is a select list of databases that can be used to locate articles relating to Northern Studies and include citations to journal articles, conference papers, reports, maps, theses and in some cases the full text of the item we encourage you to reach out for further help in your research if you are unsure where to start or how to proceed.

Canadian North

Polar Databases

Video Collections/ Oral Histories