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Interdisciplinary guide to key educational video resources

H.G. Wells - Video (U of C only)

The Eric Korn Collection of H.G. Wells consists of books, serial publications, audio recordings, and ephemera by H.G Wells, or adaptations of works by H.G. Wells. Eric Korn (1933 – 2014) was a writer, broadcaster, and antiquarian book dealer. His collection of  Wells materials was acquired by the University of Calgary in 2010.


Films on Demand (online video resource; UofC only):



H.G. Wells - Video (Web)

Films by, about, based on or mentioning H.G. Wells:


  • Fitzgerald's Flask (25 min.)
    - Produced and directed by Philip Snyder and Robert M. Snyder. 
    Plot includes H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.
    Winner of the “Best Short Film-Video” Award at the 2006 Long Island International Film Expo.

From Internet Moving Image Archive:

  • Includes several freely available and public domain online videos based on H.G. Wells books:
  • David Lewis Anderson - Time Travel: Journey into Time
  • Invisible Man - 1958 1st season and 1959 2nd season British TV series
  • Radio Station's Attack by Mars' Panics Thousands, 1938/10/31
  • Tales of Tomorrow #9: The Crystal Egg / George E. Foley; from a story by H.G. Wells
  • Things to come - William Cameron Menzies; film adaptation based on The shape of things to come / H.G. Wells
  • The (quick) Time Machine - Nate Harrison; "re-presentation of the 1960 film adaptation of H.G. Wells
  • Visionarios
  • Le Voyage dans la Lune - Georges Melies; loosely based on From the Earth to the Moom by Jules Verne and The First Men in the Moon by H.G. Wells
  • and more...
  • Also previews available for some films based on H.G. Wells, e.g. Empire of the Ants


  • Lots of video on HG Wells available here

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