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EBP - Nursing

Resources for Evidence Based Practice, Professional Accountability, and Inter-professional Practice

Learning Centre: National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

The Learning Centre is designed to help you to easily track your progress through all online learning opportunities focused on evidence-based practice in public health.  Canadian resource.

6S Pyramid - Resources for Evidence-Based Practice

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Provides tools and learning resources for each of the evidence-based practice process.  Oxford University.

Evidence BAsed Practice Tutorials

Evidence Based Practice in the Health Sciences
by the Information Services Department of the Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
The tutorials are tailored to five health sciences disciplines: Applied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Each tutorial consists of five instructional modules:

  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice
  • Structure of literature
  • Research design
  • Searching the literature
  • Evaluating the quality of research

You may proceed through the tutorials sequentially or choose those that interest you most.