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Synopses of Studies Definition

Synposes of Single Studies provide a brief, sufficiently detailed summary of a high-quality study that can inform clinical practice.

Many of the evidence-based resources listed in the Synopses of Synthesis tab are relevant for Synopses of Single Studies. The main difference is that a synposis of single studies critically appraises a single study; whereas the syntheses reviews are systematic reviews which consider numerous studies in their analysis.

When reviewing your search results, look for commentaries on specific types of studies (e.g. randomized controlled trials) rather than commentaries on systematic reviews.

Listed below are some additional relevant resources.

Critically Appraised Single Studies

Health Services Technology Assessment Text (HSTAT)
The US National Library of Medicine sponsors this free resource that provides health information and supports health care decision making. Full text documents include Evidence Reports, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Technical Reviews and Summaries, and a Guide to Clinical Preventative Services.  Limit your search to one of the documents rather than searching the entire database.