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Education - Children's and young adult's literature

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Here are a few reasons to use nonfiction in the classroom:

   *key to success in later schooling

   *to learn about stuff, to better understand things we have limited knowledge of

   *a way for students to measure their own responses about something : an entry point to engage with real world issues

   *important to know how to understand what is going on in the world from a scientific, historical, geographic, mathematical perspective

   *a way to model writing

   *paired with fiction becomes a way to personalized history, science, current events as it helps to process feelings, thoughts and the real world

   *to have FUN


-these points have been culled from various resources listed on this page  

Use the catalogue to search for nonfiction books by keyword, subject, author or title.  When using keywords for subject headings add 'juvenile literature' to find nonfiction.  The boarder term 'children's literature' won't necessarily give you a list of kids books but more likely to result in more theoretical types of professional resources.  'Juvenile fiction' is the term to use when searching for children's story books in the catalogue.

Evaluating nonfiction in literature