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Gender and Sexuality Studies

Zine Resources

The video above by a student at Columbia is an excellent how to on how to make a physical zine, including supplies you might need. Use it as inspiration on how to create your zines!

If you are creating a digital zine, you're welcome to submit a link or a digital copy of your zine.

If you want to do a bit of digital work, but also do some collage or other physical work on your zine, or if you would rather just have a physical copy, here are some instructions on how to print your zine. These Instructions work for the most Common Type Zine (Half size, staple bound booklet).

  • Save your online Zine as a PDF
  • Open PDF file. Click File and Print
  • Select Print on both sides of paper. Flip on short edge
  • Select Landscape orientation
  • Print, fold in half and staple on the spine

Resources for Writing Annotated Bibliographies

Instructions for your Zine

For GSXS 503, you will create a 16 page research zine/annotated bibliography. It should contain the following:

  • A cover page that contains an appropriate title, your name, and visuals that illustrate your topic and research question.
  • 1 page that provides a bio and positionality statement of yourself (consider this your author cover jacket blurb, but done reflectively in relation to your capstone work!).
  • 1 page that provides an introduction to the organization you are working with. Again feel free to include images, found materials, illustrations, links etc. as well as text.
  • 1 page that encompasses an introduction to your research topic. This introduction should provide a broad overview of your findings from the sources you located. It should also include your research question somewhere.
  • 1 page for each source you found for a total of 10 pages (you must have 7 scholarly sources, and 10 sources total). Feel free to get creative with design but each of these pages should include:
    • A proper citation for the resource in APA format. For citation guidance and templates, check out the library's APA Citation Guide.
    • An annotation for the resource. An annotation should include a brief summary or description of what the resource says (it’s aim, argument, etc), an evaluation of its argument, and an analysis or reflection of how that resource relates to your research question. (this should be 150-200 word paragraph)
    • Any quotes from the text you find particularly powerful or important to your research question.
    • Images, found materials, illustrations, links etc. that relate to the resource or ideas in it. You can also include other thoughts or reflections that you don’t feel fit into the formal annotation. You can look at this Guide for Citing Images in APA from SAIT for some tips and templates.
  • 1 page conclusion summarizing your findings and reflecting on the process of making the zine, or outlining further research or social change directions you might take from this research process/annotated bibliography zine.
  • 1 page with your bibliography created in proper APA format
  • A back cover with a list of actions your reader can do or resources your reader can consult to contribute to the organization or the social change you are exploring.

**A note on citation, along with your research resources, make sure to cite any other resources you use (images, graphs, etc.). If you have any questions about how to cite these materials, get in touch with Alex.