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Education - Research Approaches and Materials

For all education students - Introduction to how to find educational research, teaching materials and key Alberta Education resources

Citation Searching

Look at the reference list at the end of a good article or book to see what that author consulted.  Then search to see if we have that item. Or look for other articles/books published by that person - academic authors tend to publish in specialized areas of research.

  Finding a known article

If you have the complete citation (i.e. author, title of article, journal title, volume, pages, year) you can quickly find the article using one of these strategies.

  1. Search the article title from the search box on the Library Homepage. (sometimes putting the article title in quotation marks helps)
  2. Search the article title in Google Scholar, accessing it through the University Library pages, so that it links to the licensed fulltext of the articles you find.

Try putting this article title into Google Scholar, with and without quotation marks, to see the difference:  Gillen, A., Wright, A., & Spink, L. (2011). Student perceptions of a positive climate for learning. Educational psychology in practice, 27(1), 65-82.

Still can't find it?

Browse the 'classic catalogue' for the journal title, or go directly to this page.