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Education - Research Approaches and Materials

For all education students - Introduction to how to find educational research, teaching materials and key Alberta Education resources

Finding the format you want

The Classic Catalogue is the best way to find materials in the Doucette collection (on the Doucette website, find it under "We Can Help!" ). Limit your search to the Doucette library.


 To Find:  "How to teach" and lesson ideas for different topics/subjects

  • add the term study and teaching to your topic or subject: e.g. electricity study and teaching
  • add the term secondary or elementary to be more specific; e.g. secondary mathematics study and teaching
  • in the case of science topics, try adding the word experiments.

To Find:  Children's and Young Adult Literature  - see also Children's and Young Adult Literature Guide

  • add the term juvenile fiction to your keyword search to find fictional stories
  • add the term juvenile literature to find non-fiction (information books for children and adolescents)
  • use location in Advanced Search to limit to picture books (Doucette Library picture books)
  • for Dual Language books, use the term bilingual books (add the name of the language you want)
  • for pop-up or other interactive books, use the term movable books

 To Find:  Kits/Realia

  • combine your topic search with the word kit.  Then repeat your search using the word realia; e.g. India kit; India realia.
  • OR use Advanced Search and under format choose AV Materials (you'll find not only kits but videos etc.)

 To Find: Posters or Maps

  • go to Advanced Search and limit by location to the Doucette Library Poster Collection.
  • add the term cartographic material to your geographic keyword search to find maps.

 To Find: Textbooks (used in K-12 schools)

  • add the phrase basic student resource to your search (you can also add the grade number); e.g. social studies basic student resource grade 6. 
  • for teacher resource manuals, add the phrase authorized teaching resource to your search.
  • OR consult Alberta Education's Authorized Resources Database and then search the catalogue (in the Authorized Resources Database, chose the Authorization status student basic).

 To Find: DVDs