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KNES213 - Intro to Research in Kinesiology, Fall 2023

Journal Article Example:

Nunes, G. S., de Noronha, M., Cunha, H. S., Ruschel, C., & Borges Jr, N. G. (2013). Effect of kinesio taping on jumping and balance in athletes: a crossover randomized controlled trial. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research27(11), 3183-3189.


Karimijashni, M., Ghanbaril, A., Rezaei, S., & Abbasnia, K. (2020). The Effect of Kinesio Taping on Static and Dynamic Balance, Vertical Jump, Pain and Functional Performance in Athletes with the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury. International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology9(9), 222–228.

2 Strategies to Finding a Known Article

You can quickly find a known journal article through the Main search box, Library Homepage

Main search box is a search engine that searches the some of the collections of UofC Libraries and Cultural resources for books, journal articles, manuscripts, works in the collection of the Nickle Arts Museum, archival material and locally digitized collections on your topic. 

Search the ARTICLE TITLE in quotes to quickly find the fulltext.


NOTE: The Library Homepage has changed since the video below was created, but the process to find a known article is the same. Type the title of the article in the main search box.

  1. Go directly to
    You do not need to go through the library to find articles in Google Scholar
  2. Type the title of the article in the search box. Putting the title in quotes will help to find it quickly.


You will need to set up Google Scholar to know you have access to the University of Calgary journals.

This video and images will show you how to set up Google Scholar for full text access.  You can also watch the video below.

Video Showing How to Find a Known Article in Google Scholar



Video Showing How to Expand Your Search in Google Scholar

Book Example:

Kowalski, Kent et al. Research methods in Kinesiology. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Finding a Known Book

PRIMO Search Box, Library Homepage 

  1. In the search box on the main page type the title of the book in quotes:
    "Research methods in Kinesiology"
  2. Click title to find more information (call number, location) about the book