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Topic A - Air and Aerodynamics

Some keywords and subject headings to use in a catalogue search when looking for kits and books in the Doucette Library: air, air flow, aerodynamics, lift (aerodynamics), flight, rockets, airplanesgases, matter properties, change of state (physics).  Adding audio-visual aids after one of these words will bring up teaching kits if the library has any.

See Pinterest : Science - Grade 6 - Topic A - Air and Aerodynamics for additional titles.

Case Study on Flight and Air & Aerodynamics from

Topic B - Flight

Trying using some of the following terms when doing a catalogue search about flight: flight, aeronautics, airplanes, rockets, fly-machines, kites, hot air balloons or feathers.  Also try names of people, Wright, OrvilleWright, Wilbur or Leonardo, da Vinci or Earhart, Amelia.  Adding the keywords, study and teaching after a term listed above will help you find resources for teaching this topic.  

See Pinterest : Science - Grade 6 - Topic B - Flight for additional titles.

Topic C - Sky science

Keywords and subject headings to use when searching the catalogue to find books in the Doucette Library: astronomy, sky, moon phases, stars, sun,constellations, solar system, planets.

See Pinterest : Science - Grade 6 - Topic C - Sky science for additional titles.

Topic D - Evidence and investigation

Keywords and subject heading to try when searching the catalogue for resources in the Doucette Library: forensic sciences, criminal investigation, crime analysis, animal tracks, robbery investigation, murder investigation, fraud investigation, detective and mystery stories juvenile.

See Pinterest : Science - Grade 6 - Topic D - Evidence and investigation for additional titles.

Topic E - Trees and forests

Keywords and subject headings to try when looking for support books and kits in the Doucette Library include: trees, forests, boreal forest, rain forests,dead trees, forest animals habitat,tree planters, Wangari Maathai, Green Belt Movement,squirrels, birds, names of other animals. 

See Pinterest : Science - Grade 6 - Topic E- Trees and forests for additional titles.