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GIS Resources

Spatial and Numeric Data Services guide to GIS data available at the University of Calgary.

Canada wide data

Canada Wide Data

  • Spatial and Numeric Data Services or via our data catalogue
  • Canada wide data from DMTI and ESRI for Open Data, see Open Data page
  • Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer Hub - The Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer empowers users to discover Statistics Canada's geo‑enabled data down to the smallest level of detail available, the dissemination area. Users can find, explore then export data in various formats to use in their workflows. Users can also customize the map and change basemaps (satellite imagery, topography, etc.) to view data in a different context.

DMTI Spatial Data

  • Canada, Alberta, and Calgary wide datasets (GIS format) available from DMTI Spatial.
  • Use our data catalogue to download the most current files:
  • CanMap - Content Suite: various shapefiles (of various themes) and documents
    • Contains over 100 unique and rich content layers. Each layer has a unique file and layer name with associated definitions, descriptions, attribution and metadata. All layers, with a few exceptions, are vector data consisting of polygon, polyline, or point geometry representation.
  • CanMap - PostalCodeSuite and Address points
  • For historical files (2007 to most current), contact Spatial and Numeric Data Services for access.