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GIS Resources

Spatial and Numeric Data Services guide to GIS data available at the University of Calgary.

Digital Elevation Models

A digital elevation model (DEM) is a 3D CG representation of a terrain's surface created from a terrain's elevation data.


  • New! City of Calgary DEM LiDAR 1m and 2m, by ATS section (at SANDS)


  • Calgary Regional Partnership 2017 10m, Calgary-Chestermere (at SANDS)
  • AltaLIS DEM LiDAR 15m, description
    • TIFF format | Access via web application
    • ASCII format By Township (meridian-range-township) | Contacts SANDS ( to obtain.
  • AltaLIS 10m
    • TIFF format by 250K NTS grid | Access via web application
    • 1:20K NTS Grid, 1:50K NTS grid, and province wide (seamless) | Contacts SANDS ( to obtain.
  • AltaLIS raw DEMs open data, 1:20k grid
    • processing: contact SANDS for instructions
  • DMTI 30m, 1:50 NTS grid
    • TIFF format | Access via web application
    • ASCII format | Contacts SANDS ( to obtain.
  • ArcCanada v3 30s (approx. 1KM) province wide
  • Grand Prairie LiDAR, divided by quarter section


United States


  • ArcticDEM an NGA-NSF public-private initiative to produce a high-resolution, digital surface model of the Arctic using optical stereo imagery, high-performance computing, and open source photogrammetry software
  • ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer)
    • coverage: global, 1 arc second (30m) resolution, 1 x 1 degree tiles, geotiff format
    • use USGS Earth Explorer to download
  • GTOPO30
  • OpenTopographydistributor of free high-resolution topographic data, related tools, and resources
  • SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission)