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GIS Resources

Spatial and Numeric Data Services guide to GIS data available at the University of Calgary.

GIS Help


  • University of Calgary users have free access to Esri's training courses, which offer self-paced web based courses on specific GIS topics Accessing Esri online training

GIS and Cartographic Resources:

How are GIS files organized?

  • National Topographic System (NTS) most Canadian GIS files are organized by a 1:50,000 or 1:250,000 scale grid:
  • Alberta Township System  (ATS) many Calgary and Alberta GIS files are organized by section-township-range-meridian
    • City of Calgary Alberta Township Sections zoom in and click on area of interest; in the popup box information look for ats_section_no; ex. 182415 refers to Section 18 Township 24 Range 1 West of the 5th meridian
    • LSD Finder (aka Grid Atlas) zoom and click for ATS, also UTM, latitude/longitude, and address
    • GeoDiscover Alberta navigate to your area of interest, then determine NTS or ATS by clicking on the appropriate layer

 GIS Tools

  • QGIS A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System. Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Awesome Geospatial - Long list of geospatial analysis tools. Geospatial analysis, or just spatial analysis, is an approach to applying statistical analysis and other analytic techniques to data which has a geographical or spatial aspect.
  • The history of open-source GIS tools - An interactive infographic from makepath that touches upon open-source GIS tools.

Citing GIS Sources