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GIS Resources

Spatial and Numeric Data Services guide to GIS data available at the University of Calgary.



Open Database of Buildings collection of open data on buildings from eight provinces, primarily building footprints (does not include Calgary)

Automatically Extracted Buildings from Natural Resources Canada, vector building footprints extracted from airborne LiDAR data, high-resolution optical imagery or other sources; includes height and elevation. Includes Calgary.

Computer generated building footprints for Canada from Microsoft. 12,663,475 building footprint polygon geometries from all Canadian provinces and territories in GeoJSON format. (does include Calgary). A good post on working with GeoJSON in ArcMAP and QGIS.

United States

US Building Footprints from Microsoft

National Zoning Atlas - The National Zoning Atlas aims to depict key aspects of zoning codes in an online, user-friendly map. Some states provide downloadable data.


Open Buildings - from Google, currently only Africa. A dataset of building footprints to support social good applications.

Global Building Footprints from Microsoft

EUBUCCO is a scientific database of individual building footprints for 200+ million buildings across the 27 European Union countries and Switzerland, together with three main attributes – building type, height and construction year – included for respectively 45%, 74%, 24% of the buildings. EUBUCCO is composed of 50 open government datasets and OpenStreetMap that have been collected, harmonized and partly validated.