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Career Services: Career & Job Search Resources

Connecting University of Calgary students to jobs, career planning, employers on campus, career tips, workshops and much more! This resource compliments our website

Job Search & Networking

Your job search is comprised of many different elements including networking. Career Services can help you create a strategic plan for success that includes all the tools you need to conduct an effective work search as a student and beyond.



Connect With Employers

Connecting with employers within your network will assist you on your career journey.

  • Employer Networking Sessions - Career Services coordinates employers who visit campus to connect with students and discuss opportunities with their organizations. It's a great place to meet your future employer.
  • Career Fairs - Career Services offers 5 annual career fairs geared towards a variety of faculties. Come prepared and make meaningful connections.
  • Networking Events - Career Services hosts unique networking events. To be invited to these students must attend preparatory events. This will support you and your career success.
  • LinkedIn - Create a profile on LinkedIn and start reaching out to potential mentors, employers and organizations. It's a great place to start.
  • Energy Sector Directory - The SURE cluster is a group of over 60 organizations that are involved in the following areas: bioenergy; consulting and engineering; cogeneration; education; energy efficiency; fuel cells; geothermal; green electricity; hydro; renewable energy installers; smart grid; solar; and wind energy.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade (Canadian) - DFAIT careers are global in scale, offering you a wealth of international perspectives that increase your professional skills and expand your cultural perceptions.

Job Postings

Job Postings can be seen on CareerLink

Job Postings Magazine



Networking Resources

  • LinkedIn - Linkedin is the largest professional network which allows you to grow your career profile online in a social setting, connect with professionals and connect with your industry
  • Business Card Land - Order free business cards
  • Free Business Cards - Up to 250 free business cards
  • Order student business cards with the Campus Print Shop
  • Quintessential Careers - According to Quintessential Careers: “Networking is one of the most important -- if not the most important -- activity that job-seekers need to master to be truly successful in your job-search. Because the vast majority of job openings are never advertised, job-seekers need to have a network of contacts -- a career network -- that can provide support, information, and job leads.”
  • How to Network in the Digital Age
  • Career Fair Tips

Quick Tips

Research & identify organizations that interest you.
Contact mentors/organizations to set-up information interviews.
Build the relationships - ask them questions.
Follow-up with a thank-you note.

Have fun with networking! This is an opportunity to explore, learn, socialize and meet new people.
Look everywhere for contacts: places your volunteered at, family friends, peers and professors. All are great resources.
Always ask "Is there someone else you can suggest that I talk to?"
Always thank the people who take their time with you and don't forget to follow up.

Next Steps