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Browse Journal Articles

By Subjects:

  1. Choose a subject and a subcategory.
  2. Tap on a Journal Cover to display the latest issue.
  3. Browse previous issues up to 2005.

By Titles A - Z:

  1. Type a word from the journal title in the box provided.
  2. Choose from the list and the latest issue will be displayed.


Add A Journal to "My Bookshelf"

  1. Once you have selected a journal, tap .
  2. Tap "My Bookshelf" on the navigation bar.

Add An Article to "Saved Articles"

  1. After you have displayed a journal article, tap the export button  on the top right corner and select "Save Article".
  2. Tap "Saved Articles" on the navigation bar.

Save An Article to Dropbox

To start with, make sure you have an active Dropbox account. Secondly, you should have the Dropbox app already installed in your iPad or Android tablet.

  1. From the article, tap the export button on the top right corner:

  2. Choose "Open in...".
  3. Choose Dropbox, sign in and your PDF will be added.


Export to Citation Managers


  1. From the article, tap  on the top right corner.

  2. Export to the service of your choice:




Thanks to Jacky Leung at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library for the starting template!