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LAW Adjusting to Law School

Resources and information to help first year students adjust to law school at the University of Calgary.

Adjusting to Law School

The purpose of this guide is to provide first year law students (aka 1Ls) with resources which will facilitate their adjustment to and assist in their success at law school.  The guide refers to books (print and electronic), articles, University resources, podcasts, and blog postings which might be useful.

All the print books are located in the Bennett Jones Law Library, unless otherwise stated.  The electronic books can be accessed through the hyperlink provided either on-campus or, after authenticating with your University of Calgary student ID card, off-campus.

Some of the articles are freely available on the Internet by clicking on the hyperlink.  Articles in databases can be obtained by clicking on the link and following the directions, which will include authenticating with your studnet ID if you are off-campus.

Faculty of Law Personnel

Contact Angela Gallo-Dewar for more information on the topics covered in this guide.


Angela Gallo-Dewar, LL.B

Assistant Dean, Student Services

Faculty of Law

MFH 4363