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LAW Adjusting to Law School

Resources and information to help first year students adjust to law school at the University of Calgary.


A key study aid for all law students are the condensed and often annotated version of their class notes.  In Canada, these aids are called CANS (Condensed Annotated Notes) and in the United States they are known as Outlines, with the process described as "outlining."  CANS and Outlines are often available on the Internet, distributed by law students' societies at various law schools, or from upper year law students. If the CAN is based on material from a course taught by someone other than your own professor it should only be used to supplement your course materials.

Many law students create their own course CANS as the process itself helps them learn the material (ie. you must understand the material before you can sumamrize it).  While almost all of the resources on this page are American and are focused on Outlines, the process of creating Outlines and CANS is the same so the resources can assist you in these endeavours.

Selective Books Available at the University of Calgary