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LAW Preparing for National Committee on Accreditation Exams

The National Committee on Accreditation evaluates the credentials of foreign lawyers or Canadians with a foreign law degree who wish to be admitted as a lawyer in Canada.


This guide is intended to help applicants for the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) studying for examinations in Canadian law and lead to Canadian information sources that they may find useful. The tabs found on the left hand menu will open pages that will assist in finding books to use for study in various areas of Canadian law and other resources. Legal databases may be restricted to University of Calgary users or to Faculty of Law users.

The NCA of the Federation of Law of Societies of Canada governs the process of evaluation of legal credentials and experience. Lawyers preparing for NCA exams often come to consult the law school library and ask to look at past law school examination papers. The Bennett Jones Law Library does not collect past NCA exams and, because the examinations are administered by the NCA with the individual provincial law societies, there are no study guides.  Individual professors in the Faculty of Law create their own examination papers for each class that they teach and do not publish them or make them available to the law library.

Finding study materials

The best place to find books and journals in our collection is the library's search box. Note the call number and location (e.g., Law-1st Floor) of each book. Items located in the Reference area do not circulate and items located in the Special Collections Room/Course Reserves may only be signed out by University of Calgary students, faculty and staff for a shortened loan period and are not available to be borrowed by members of the public. Earlier editions of textbooks in reference or reserve may be located on the Law-1st Floor and available to borrow.

The law library has textbooks and materials in our collection on a variety of topics which are examined by the NCA. Here are some examples:

Legal Encyclopedias

Legal Encyclopedias are often a good starting point. There are two Canadian legal encyclopedias:

Alberta Law Libraries

The Federation of Law Societies of Canada governs the NCA process. It may be helpful to contact the Alberta Law Library in Calgary for further information or assistance.

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