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LAW Preparing for National Committee on Accreditation Exams

The National Committee on Accreditation evaluates the credentials of foreign lawyers or Canadians with a foreign law degree who wish to be admitted as a lawyer in Canada.

Assigned Exams

In order to become accredited to be able to seek an articling position and be able to practice law in Canada, foreign trained lawyers send their degrees to the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA). The NCA assesses these credentials and assigns exams. The NCA provides a syllabus which includes topics to study and suggests book titles. Applicants then self-study and present themselves at the Law Society of Alberta for hand-written examinations. After receiving a Certificate of Qualification, the next step in the process is to article. Students seeking admission to the Alberta Bar, must apply for admission, attend and successfully complete all of the requirements of Alberta’s CPLED Program (Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education).

Civil Procedure

Commercial Law


Core common law subject.

Corporate Law

Includes Business Associations. Core common law subject.


Core common law subject.

Family Law

Professional Responsibility

Core common law subject.


Core common law subject.




Core common law subject.