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HathiTrust is a shared digital resource of books and journals. Almost 14 million volumes have been digitized. The University of Calgary faculty, students and staff have fulltext downloadable access, to over 2,900,000 titles from this collection.

Tips from Hathitrust

See  HathiTrust help pages for more information


Phrase searching: Use quotes for an exact phrase  -  "energy conservation"

Truncation:  Use * to search for alternate forms of a name - Calgar* will find Calgary and Calgarian

Boolean:   Use AND and OR (in caps) between words  - Calgary AND population

⇒ Entering a * without any search terms will allow you to browse a complete list of results

⇒ Advanced Full-text Search will allow you to use drop down options of "all of these words" or "any of these words" or "this exact phrase" as well as to limit to full view, publication year, language and format





Limited Search

Even if the fulltext is not available, limited search can be invaluable in determining whether the work is worth pursuing.  Remember to use "Find in a library" to identify if the University of Calgary or other libraries holds a print copy.