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English Comprehensive Exam Guide

Postcolonial Theory

Under the databases tab on the left, you'll find library reference resources that are available electronically. For example,  Credo Reference, Oxford Reference and Literature Criticism Online would be helpful if you were looking for information on postcolonial. Below you'll find a sample search in Credo Reference.

HINT: When searching, try different terms: postcolonialism, postcolonial literary theory, "postcolonial theory," etc.

Credo Reference

 Step One: Type in your term (postcolonial theory) and select your subject (Language and Literature). 


Step Two: Note there are several useful results.

Credo Search 2


 Step Three: Click on a result title. Note the other options that arise on the right.

There may be a number of sources in the print reference collection that address postcolonial theory (and literature) and, more generally, postcolonialism.

For example, it might be useful to look at:​

This page provides some search tips when using the big search box on the library home page.

Search for: postcolonial theory

This search brings up material that might be too specific. Rather than providing an overview, the results focus in on particular areas related to postcolonial theory.

Search for: literary theory
This search results in books cover many literary theories.
Note that in the first results there is a book in two editions, one of which is in print and electronic format.

 Note that when you click on More Results, many reference-like books show up.
See the books tab (to the left) for more information about searching for reference books.