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D2L ePortfolio

What is D2L ePortfolio?

D2L ePortfolio is a software add-on to D2L which facilitates the storing, organizing, reflecting on, sharing, and the creation of a website (called a “presentation” in D2L).  Once a website is created, it can be shared with one or more people in your course, or it can be made public -  that is viewable by the world.

What does a website created with D2L ePortfolio typically look like?

.Example ePortfolio created with D2L

Is there more help available for D2L ePortfolio?

  • Step-by-step video – How to create a presentation (website) using D2L ePortfolio
  • Step-by-step video – How to make your D2L ePortfolio presentation public
  • Example ePortfolio created with D2L ePortfolio
  • Quick Start Guide to D2L ePortfolio
  • Website of support resources for D2L ePortfolio (including an FAQ)
  • Help available from Joanne Williams at the Technology desk at the Doucette library, or

What are some other website creation tools other than D2L ePortfolio?

  • Wix                                               
  • Weeby                                         
  • Wordpress                                   
  • University of Calgary ePortfolio   
  • Blogger