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Education - ePortfolios


What are some resources for the creation of an ePortfolio? (sources of free images, software, hardware, etc.)

  • Colourbox (University licensed, 30 images/month)
  • Pixabay (free, open source images)                       
  • Unspash (free, open source images)                     
  • GIMP  (free, open source image editing software) 
  • University of Calgary Media Creation Resources   

Also, when providing a link to your website, I recommend you shorten a long URL (using Google URL shortener or another tool)  in order to look more professional and tech savvy.

For example, send this link:

Instead of this one:,%27search%27,%27pagenum%27%5D,2%3A%5B%27lcs%27%5D,3%3A%5B%27grid%27,%27pagesize%27,%27htmleditor%27,%27hpg%27%5D%7D&d2l_stateGroups=&d2l_statePageId=225&d2l_change=1&ou=6606