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Métis Studies

This is a guide for researchers to showcase resources on Métis history, culture, language, genealogy and more.


Métis resources are most often integrated with Canadian history, Indigenous studies, anthropology, and biographical resources. However, a majority of books on the Métis can be found under the FC call number, Canadian History, which is on the 5th floor of the Taylor Family Digital Library.


The Métis and the Use of Identifying Terms

Historically, the Métis (and non-Métis) have used various terms instead of Métis. This can include "Michif," "bois brule," "chicot," "half-breed," "half-blood," "country-born," and "mixed-blood," among others. You may come across these in your research, particularly when finding primary sources.

Strategies for Searching

There are a number of key words or topics to consider when searching for Métis-related materials:

  • Métis (or Metis, métis, metis - may be used interchangeably, as spelling/accenting should not affect results)
  • Louis Riel
  • Gabriel Dumont
  • Red River/Red River Settlement
  • Rupert's Land
  • Hudson's Bay
  • North West Company
  • Michif
  • Metissage
  • Manitoba Act
  • Battle of Seven Oaks
  • Riel Rebellion/Resistance
  • Location - the combination of a geographical location + "Métis" can help you narrow your search to a specific community of Métis. Some examples are:
    • Red River Métis
    • Plains Métis
    • Woodlands Métis


One way to utilize these keywords or key terms is to use the subject search in the Library's search database. Under Advanced Search, select "Subject" and input your desired term.


If you find a book in your research that is particularly helpful, you can find the Subjects it is associated with under the book's detailed record. You may click on any of these subject headings to bring you to other related books.

Featured books

These featured books are excellent resources to get started on researching the Métis.


Finding Métis books