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BUSN - Library information for DBA students

Guide for Doctorate of Business Administration students.

Keeping Current Using Alerts and BrowZine

What are alerts?

Many publishers, research databases and e-journals provide electronic current awareness services that alert you to literature updates. Alerts may be received through your e-mail or to an RSS reader. There are several free, Web-based readers.  Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have built-in readers.

Types of alerts:

Table of contents alerts: If you regularly browse a journal, a tables of contents alert will alert you to new issues when they are published with the table of contents.

Search alerts: If you have performed a search in an online database to retrieve relevant literature on a topic, a search alert will automatically re-run your search and alert you to any new results for that search.

Author alerts: Author alerts will notify you when new work by an author appears in a database like Scopus. You may also set up the alert so that you are notifed when a specific author is cited in new literature.

Citation alerts: If you are interested in tracking when specific articles are cited, you are notified whenever these articles are cited in a particular online resource such as Web of Science or Scopus.

What is Browzine:

BrowZine is a mobile app that brings recent issues of scholarly journals to your iPad or Android tablet/phone for browsing. BrowZine emphasizes current awareness and browsing journal table of contents.

Browzine brings journal content together from multiple publishers and platforms into a single place, where you can save your favorite journals, view the tables of contents, and read or save articles, as new issues are released.  Saved articles may be read off-line.

Most importantly, Browzine interfaces with the University of Calgary Library's journal collection and open access journals, so you can always obtain the fulltext of desired articles

Login and authentication is only required once.

What isn't BrowZine:

BrowZine is not is not designed for in-‐depth research or searching for articles on a specific topic.  To find articles on a specific topic, it is best to use a database such as ERIC, or even Google Scholar.

In BrowZine, you can click on Institution Info at the bottom of the screen to go to the Libray Homepage so you can conduct searches for articles on a specific topic.

How to Set Up and Use BrowZine:

The following guide provides detailed information on how to set up and use BrowZine:

BrowZine Guide