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APA Citation Tools & Resources

Citation tools & resources for students and scholars using the APA style guide

Style and Writing: Tips for Students



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Bias free Language

Bias free language refers to the use of language that treats all people with inclusivity and respect.

Chapter 5, page 131. Section 5.1- 5.10


Anthropomorphism is when human qualities are assigned to inanimate objects or animals.

Chapter 4, page 117. Section 4.11

Verb tenses

This part of the APA guide helps writers choose and be consistent with verb tenses.

Chapter 4, pages 117-118, Section 4.12-4.15

Active and Passive Voice

This area provides advice on the use of active and passive voice in writing.

Chapter 4, page 118. Section 4.13


This discusses appropriate use of first person pronouns and the editorial “we” in writing.

Chapter 4, pages 120-123. Section 4.16-4.21

Singular “They”

The singular “they” is promoted as a way of ensuring inclusivity.

Chapter 4, page 120-121. Section 4.18


Discusses use of the serial comma (Oxford comma) and semicolons.

Chapter 6, pages 155-156. Section 6.3

Space After a Period

APA only uses one space after a period.

Chapter 6, page 154-155. Section 6.2

Quotation Marks

Discusses the use of italics versus quotation marks in writing.

Chapter 6, pages 157-159. Section 6.7


This area focuses on italics.

Chapter 6, pages 170-172. Section 6.22-6.23


Guidance for spelling and hyphenation.

Chapter 6, pages 161-162. Section 6.11- 6.12


Provides advice on when to use capitals and when to use sentence case.

Chapter 6, pages 165-169. Section 6.13-6.21


Guidance on how to format numbers in APA.

Chapter 6, pages 178- 181. Section 6.32-6.39


When do we use abbreviations and when do we use the full names of phrases in writing. 

Chapter 6, pages 172-178. Section 6.24-6.31

Additional Resources

In addition to the APA Manual, there are many places you can go for additional assistance with understanding how to use APA for citing and writing. 

APA Website- Style and Grammar Guidelines:

The Style and Gramma Guidelines tab at the top of the APA Style Blog page is a great place to go for quick reference help.  The guidelines are broken down by function and are easy to browse.

APA Instructional Aids for Faculty:

APA Instructional Aids can be downloaded by anyone and can help you quickly understand and use APA 7.

APA Style Blog:

The APA Style Blog is designed to help you answer questions that you may have about using the style guide, how to reference, and how to format your paper, among others.  Authored by APA experts, this is an additional resource that you can use to help you understand the nuances in the APA style.  You can also contact the team with any specific questions you may have and they will answer promptly: