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Crafting a Search Strategy

What is the difference between a database, journal and article?

Find a Book in the Library Catalog

Introduction to Patents

Introduction to IEEE

Introduction to AccessEngineering

Introduction to Knovel

Tip #1 - Access to Materials

  • Any registered student will have access to our electronic collection. You will authenticate with your UCID and password.
  • Contact the Unicard office for your barcode if you do not have a Unicard. This allows you to request articles from our interlibrary loan services.
  • For physical books (noted by a library location under the title), students in Calgary can click on Get It and then Request. You will receive an email when you book is ready to pick up from the Taylor Family Digital Library.

Tip #2 - Attend Virtual and Pre-Recorded Workshops

  • Navigate to the library homepage and scroll to the green icons
  • Click on Workshops and sign up or tune into a virtual or pre-recorded tutorial
  • Visit the page often to see what's being offered

Tip #3 - Develop your Researcher Identity

Tip #4 - Sign up for a Citation Management Software Program

Tip #5 - Google Scholar Library Links

  • Set up Library Links in Google Scholar to bypass paywalls

Tip #6 - Set up Alerts

Tip #7 - Take "English for Engineering" Training Modules

Tip #8 - Consider using a worksheet for a literature search

Tip #9 - Consult on Publishing and Scholarly Dissemination

  • Look over the Scholarly Communication Guide
  • Are conferences and journals emailing you for your work? They might be predatory! Learn more before you respond.

Tip #10 - Explore Addtional Library Services

  • LCR Services
  • In Calgary? Create and order a 3-D Print.
  • Consult with the Spatial and Numerical Data Services office for GIS, maps and data needs
  • Upload your research endeavors to our Digital Repository
  • Request articles that we do not have in our collection from Interlibrary Loan