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What is an alert?

  • An alert is a notification that you can set up, edit (and cancel) in most journals or databases
  • You can set up notifications to let you know via email/account when results from a specific search have new results, when a new issue of a journal is published or if you want to follow a specific author (including yourself!)

Google Scholar Alert

  1. Google Alerts
  2. OR...use Google Scholar
  3. Navigate to Google Scholar and sign into your account
  4. Click the top right hand menu and choose Alerts
  5. Click on the red Create Alert icon
  6. Create a query. This could be a search string, a keyword, or the name of a researcher etc.
  7. You can choose to receive up to 10 OR up to 20 results, sent to your email
  8. You can set up the alert and the edit as needed

Database Search Results Alerts


Journal Alerts

What is an RSS Feed?

  • RSS stands for "really simple syndication" or "rich site summary"
  • It is a feed that amasses different content collections of interest
  • RSS feeds require a reader (Google Reader has been discontinued in favour of alerts)
  • Copy the link from the alert and paste it into the reader (according to site directions)