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Visualizing A Canadian Author Archive: Alice Munro

Research Project led by Murray McGillivray, Michael Ullyot, Jagoda Walny, and Jason Wiens

Archival Material Metadata

This project significantly augmented the University of Calgary Library's finding aid metadata for all of the material related to the short stories contained within the collections The Moons of Jupiter (1982) and Who Do You Think You Are? (1978).  These two collections of short stories were pivotal in Alice Munro’s writing life, marking her transition from a writer primarily known in Canada through Canadian periodicals to an internationally-famous writer publishing in magazines such as the New Yorker.  We compiled 150-250 elements of metadata per item and this data will be made publicly available through the library’s Dataverse repository.  The additional metadata covers a variety of elements such as character information, settings, cultural and geographic references, narrative voice, revisions, and the physical medium itself (ink, paper properties, etc.)