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Education - K-12 Online Learning

This guide is to highlight Education resources for online (physically distanced) learning in K-12 contexts. There are links to Alberta curriculum, pedagogical resources, and external freely available online resources.


This guide is evolving to reflect the reality that emergency remote teaching requires support with online resources. It also captures that online teaching is a robust and evolving field where excellent learning experiences are informed by sound pedagogy and examples of best practice for teaching and learning online exist.

There are online resources about teaching online and for teaching online in K-12 contexts. Some of the resources featured here are general information or external links. Resources available to UCalgary community members with our library's online resources are highlighted.

The 'General and Subject Specific Resources' page may be particularly helpful for those that are curious about subject content for specific grades and subjects. Look for links to guides in other libraries - they are full of excellent online resources.

February 2022