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Data Visualization

Resources and information about data visualization at the University of Calgary and beyond.

Several facilities exist on campus to support data visualization learning and research.

Visualization Studio

This studio at the Taylor Family Digital Library features a large (16 feet wide by 6 feet tall) display wall with 34.5 million pixels of resolution making great for examining large datasets, comparing a variety of data sources, or for simplying working collaboratively with a shared display.  The studio can be booked by Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students.  Undergraduate Students can also apply to use the space with demonstrated need for these unique capabilities.  The Studio is equipped with a variety of software includes Tableau, SPSS, Visio, MATLAB, Mathematica, and more. 

Book time at the studio here or for inquiries contact

VR Studio

The VR Studio at the Taylor Family Digital Library makes available two different virtual reality hardware systems: the HTC Vive, which is permanently set up in the Virtual Reality Studio (book here), and the Oculus Rift, on a mobile cart that can be used within Lab NEXT (book here).  

Collaboration Centre

This research lab, located in the University's Calgary Centre for Innovative Technology (CCIT) building allows students, researchers and industry partners to work in a collaborative and unbiased facility to integrate advanced technology, tools and techniques in order to address simulation and visualization challenges.  The lab features:

  • a CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment;
  • a variety of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality hardware (AR); 
  • touch tables; 
  • tracking systems; and
  • video conferencing equipment.  

Contact the centre here.