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Cree Language

A selection of Subject Headings for Blackfoot language

Cree language

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Using a combination of search keywords and subject headings, you may find materials such as...

Select resources from the U of C Catalogue

Searching the web for terms such as "Learn Cree Language", Cree Grammar", "Cree Verbs", and "Cree Lessons" will provide alternative sources.

A small non-profit organization dedicated to the survival of Native American languages, particularly through the use of Internet technology. It is a compendium of online materials about more than 800 indigenous languages of the Western Hemisphere and the people that speak them.

  • Contains background information and resource links.

Cree Literacy

The Cree Literacy Network was created in 2010 to promote Cree language and cultural literacy, through the publication of bilingual books and other literacy materials (in Cree and English) that use Standard Roman Orthography for writing Cree. We believe that Cree language literacy can be learned better and spread farther if everyone uses the same, consistent writing system. We also believe that authentic Cree language materials prepared in translation can promote cultural literacy, even among those who read only English.

  • Diverse and many resources to assist language learning, linguistic analysis, and cultural histories.

Tansi! Nehiyawetan

Tansi! Nehiyawetan invites children to learn Cree with Kai, Kayla, and Auntie Josephine through kinetic games, absorbing stories, compelling songs and dynamic adventures. Join Kai and Kayla as they find out about Cree culture and language while they go on learning adventures in the colourful city of Vancouver. Nehiyawetan incorporates words that reflect what kids are interested in, like Space, Art, Sports, Pow-wows, Music, Animals, Christmas, and even Scary Stuff.

  • Introductory lesson for basic Cree grammar and vocabulary.

Online Cree Dictionary

The Cree Language Resource Project (CLRP) dictionary has the ability to translate words from English to Cree in Syllabics and Roman Orthography (Cree written in English) with explanation of how it fits in a sentence. The translated word will be associated with a picture, sound, and a video clip. The goal of the project is to promote the learning and preservation of the Cree language. The online dictionary will have the ability to accommodate different regional Cree dialects. In addition to translation function the system will allow the creation of flash cards and storyboard using the picture and the words (syllabics and English) from the database. Others features will be managed educational games such as word matching and puzzles. These games will have testing component to assess student learning. The system will include a database of Cree language lesson plans that will guide teachers in integrating First Nation Languages in the curriculum.

  • Cree Language dictionary and grammar resource. Also an accredited source.

FaceBook Group; Nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Word/Phrase of the Day

A variety of Cree words and phrases from nouns, verbs, expressions and the like, that should be shared by all nêhiyaw speakers. Open to all persons who share a common goal of wanting more nêhiyawêwin to be learned by all people. This site's creators also prefer Standard Roman Orthography.

  • Facebook discussion group where questions can be answered.