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Indigenous Languages

Indigenous Linguistics

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General Search Terms

For a more detailed and complete guide to terminology, see the Canadian Government publication "Terminology Guide: Research on Aboriginal Heritage", linked here or found on the Library and Archives Canada website for a breakdown of commonly used terms before beginning your search.

Aboriginal Indian
Native Métis
First Nation Inuit
Treaty Indians of North America

Specific Terms

You may also find a combination of general terms and specific terms helpful. For example, "Linguistics; Blackfoot; and Indians of North America" will restrict searches better than only Blackfoot.

Blackfoot Cree
Sarcee Tsilhqot'in
Dene Suline/Chipewya Athabaskan
Carrier Siouan
Chilcotin Stoney (Nakoda)

It is also important to account for spelling variations. For example, the modern Sarcee can also be spelt Sarci, or Tsuu T'ina may be spelt Tsu Tina.