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Biomedical Engineering Research Program

This guide supports the learning and research endeavors of staff and students involved in the Biomedical Engineering Research Program and the BME Summer Studentships

Sample Search

TOPIC: "Energy harvesting for self-powered devices"

STEP 1: Break this topic into concepts and think about synonyms for your key words

STEP 2: Concept A

  • Energy harvesting
    • Tip #1: ask yourself: what kind of energy harvesting?
  • ​"energy harvest*" OR triboelectric* OR piezoelectric*
    • Tip #2 use quotation marks around multi-word phrases
    • Tip #3 use truncation (*) to search for suffix variances

STEP 3: Concept B on the second line of an advanced search form

  • "AND"
  • "self power*" OR "implant* OR "body-area network*"