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Open Educational Practices (OEP)

This guide provides supportive information and resources about open educational practices (OEP) including open pedagogy and OER-enabled pedagogy.

What are Open Educational Practices?

Open Educational Practices as defined by Paskevicius is:

Teaching and learning practices where openness is enacted within all aspects of instructional practice; including the design of learning outcomes, the selection of teaching resources, and the planning of activities and assessment. OEP engage both faculty and students with the use and creation of OER, draw attention to the potential afforded by open licences, facilitate open peer-review, and support participatory student-directed projects.

(Paskevicius, 2017, p. 127)

About OER-Enabled and Open Pedagogy

Are you interested in engaging students through OER-enabled and open pedagogy?

There are many opportunities for incorporating OER into the classroom, including co-designing OERs with students and improving Wikipedia articles on particular topics and disciplines.