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Education - Tech Tools for Teaching

Integrate Technology in your Classroom

Technology Skill and Young People

...there is a  widespread popular belief that young people who have been raised in the digital age have a natural level of comfort and ability with technology. This belief is beginning to be debunked by research. Studies that measure information literacy skills, for example, demonstrate that not all young people have an affinity for technology and that comfort with technology does not necessarily correlate with skill level. Likewise, there is a well-documented concern with young adults' level of achievement in content areas such as science, technology, engineering, and math that are needed to fuel the future economy.

(from: Young Adult Resources Today by Don Latham and Melissa Gross (2014), p. 45)

Looking for Doucette Library Resources About Teaching with Technology?

Educational Technology books and resources reside in the 371.335 area of the Doucette stacks.

371.334 - Computers and literacy 

371.335 - Internet in education  

                  Digital education

                  Digital video

                  Interactive videos

                  Digital media


                  World wide web

                  Web-based instruction

                  Web 2.0

Search and subject terms include - web-based instruction, internet searching, internet in education

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