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Bibliographic Software Overview

Quick facts about citation / bibliographic tools and software.

Overview of Citation Management Tools and Bibliographic Software

Why should you think about using a web-based tool or software for citing and writing?

If you are new to writing to university standards, you may have discovered that there are rules to follow when citing a reference within the text of your paper and more rules that you have to apply when you are creating your bibliography.  You need to know about the citation style that you should be following and how they interpret the information.  Citation management tools can instantly take your reference and format it for you. 

Bibliographic software takes you up a notch or two and stores your references and interacts with your word processing software. More sophisticated tools are available for graduate students, researchers and faculty. 

We invite you to explore some of the options available by clicking on the tabs to the left. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TFDL Service desk.

Bibliographic Software

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The UofC Libraries support the following products in greater or lesser degrees.
See the following chart for more details.

EndNote: Marc Stoeckle, Main Campus  (403) 220-6777, TFDL 1st fl,

              Chelsea Ambler, Health Sciences Library, HSC 1450, (403) 220-3747

Mendeley: Chelsea Ambler, Health Sciences Library, HSC 1450, (403) 220-3747

                    Mark Smith, Main Campus  -  (403) 220-8495, TFDL 161, and most people who work at our Service Desks