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Student Assessment in Higher Education

A guide for faculty about student assessment


This guide's purpose is to direct you to sources related to assessing students in higher education.  The five major aspects of assessment which is addresses are:

  1. assessment for learning (sometimes called formative assessment)
  2. assessment of learning (sometimes called summative assessment)
  3. assessment as learning
  4. evaluating higher order thinking
  5. assessment in the disciplines
It is important to note that these are not discrete concepts:
  ...we should be able to design assessment systems in which summative tests, besides fulfilling their primary purposes, routinely advance learning, and   formative assessments routinely add to the teacher’s overall informal judgments of student achievement. 
         Bennett, R.E. (2011). Formative assessment: A critical review. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice 18 (1), 7.


Some resources about Higher Education Assessment