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Mendeley is a citation management software program that is free to download locally or use in the cloud.

What is Mendeley?


In 2020, Mendeley updated its product and rebranded it Mendeley Reference Manager. The plug-in is available through Microsoft AppSource, but if your Microsoft account is linked to a UofC e-mail address, you get an error message saying your administrator does not allow installation of these apps. This is the case even when trying to install Mendeley Cite to your personal device. As a result, the Library no longer recommends Mendeley as a tool for UofC users.

If you still wish to use Mendeley, see the Mendeley Cite section of this guide for a possible workaround that may work on your own personal devices. Another option you may wish to consider is Zoterowhich is very similar to Mendeley but does have this issue with the Word plug-in. If you are considering migrating your Mendeley library to Zotero, this Twitter thread offers some guidance.

Mendeley is a tool for organizing and citing literature. Here are a few of the ways Mendeley can help you with your research and writing:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux users can all use Mendeley Desktop

  • An easier tool for keeping literature organized than saving it in a folder on your computer

  • Word plug-in lets you easily create in-text references and bibliographies in any style.

  • Ease of organization - create folders to organize your literature by project/topic

  • Collaborate with peers and colleagues in public or private groups

To get started, check out the Mendeley Guide for New Users