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Contact Spatial and Numeric Data Services (SANDS) or drop in for more information about our services and resources. 

For more in depth questions please feel free to make an appointment.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11-3

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Spatial and numeric data

SANDS will assist with finding GIS and statistical data, both within and outside our collection.  Licensed data is restricted to University of Calgary (UofC) users.  There is a growing body of open data that is freely available.

Data is available at our desk or remotely via our file server (excludes City of Calgary data).  To find and download GIS and statistical data, check our GIS and Data guides.

Maps and air photos

Our map and air photo collection is available to the public.  Most Calgary area air photos (1924 - present) are located at our TFDL 4th floor location, as well as Canadian Fire Insurance Plans.  All other air photos and maps are held offsite.  We will retrieve items for patrons, which can take a few days. 

The air photo collection is self-serve; staff can explain how to use finding tools.  For assistance with finding photos, use SANDS Air Photo Search Guide

We can also assist with finding maps and remote sensing data, within and outside our collection.  Check our Maps guide for more information about the map collection and online resources.

Maps can be signed out with a valid borrowers card.  SANDS no longer signs out air photos.

SANDS does not provide a copying or scanning service.


SANDS does not hold the copyright for any collections.  For more information please refer to the Canadian Copyright Act or the University of Calgary's Copying Guidelines.