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Working on Campus


What is considered on-campus work?

On-campus work means any work done on any building on the UCalgary campus (including: main campus, downtown campus, Spyhill campus, Foothills Medical Campus, McMahon Stadium and any vendor located on any of those campuses). 

What do I need to apply?

You will need an updated copy of your resume or your CV (CV is used primarily for research and academic positions), a cover letter (sometimes optional). You will likely be interviewed for job opportunities you apply for, therefore practice your interview skills!

You will also need to get a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada (a 9 digit number that the Government of Canada gives you).

When should I apply for on-campus opportunities?

Most on-campus opportunities are posted a couple of months prior to the semester start date. For instance, many opportunities are posted in July –August for a September start. However, other opportunities are available throughout the year. Also, prior to the start of the semester you may find posters around campus advertising on-campus opportunities.

Where can I find on-campus opportunities?

Tip: Use verbal softeners when inquiring about job opportunities; for example: instead of saying: “Do you have a job?”, say: “I was wondering if you have any job opportunities available at this time?” or “I am curious about the possibility of working at the Bookstore, could you please provide me with information about what opportunities may be available?”

  • Athletics Department

Website: --> About Athletics > Job Opportunities.

Student assistance is required to help run athletic events during the school year. For more info, visit their website.

  • Active Living


A variety of roles are available throughout the year - including client services roles, lifeguards, referees, and fitness instructors. Apply online.

  • Campus Wide Job Board

Website: -> Job Board – Campus Wide

Used by various departments, offices and faculties to post on-campus jobs. Also includes off-campus postings so be sure to double-check before applying. You can identify on-campus jobs by looking for “University of Calgary” under the “organization” category.

  • Graduate Teaching

If you are considering this option each department has its own criteria for awarding these positions, so students should approach the department head or graduate coordinator for specific details. You will need strong communication skills to apply for these opportunities.

  • MacEwan Centre Food Court

These businesses do their own hiring. Inquire about job opportunities at the cash register of each location on campus. Have your resume ready and also a copy of your availability/course schedule.

  • Outdoor Centre

Website: à under the Outdoor Centre tab. Hiring is done in April/May for the entire summer. Apply online.

  • Research

Contact the professor in-charge of the research topic that you are interested in getting involved in. You may also find information about applying to do student research at UCalgary here:

  • Residence Services


Hires for positions such as Community Advisor (CA), RezNet technician, Social Media coordinator, and more. Apply online.

  • Students’ Union (SU) Opportunities


The SU hires for The Den & Black Lounge, Bound and Copied, Stor, Lost and Found, Volunteer Services, Conference and Events Centre and so much more! More details and how to apply can be found online.

  • University Bookstore


Hires for positions at the Campus Bookstore, Medical Bookstore (located at Foothill’s Campus), the Corner Store and Starbucks. Apply online.

  • University of Calgary


Lots of internal offices hire students for various admin roles, IT positions, summer student staff roles and more. All University of Calgary positions can be found online. You can also search for these opportunities on by searching “University of Calgary”.


What should I do if I don’t have any previous work experience?

When applying for on-campus opportunities some employers will be looking for candidates that have previous experience. If you not have any, you can also consider volunteering to gain Canadian experience. To find information about volunteering opportunities at UCalgary you can search the word “volunteer” on the search tap.


The CCPD can support you with reviewing your resume and cover letter, helping you prepare for interviews and helping you identify which opportunities will get you closer to your career goals.

Book an appointment with a Career Development Specialist by going to or you can also stop by Career Services during a drop-in hour.