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Urban Studies

October 1, 2018: Open Access Authors Fund

As of October 1, 2018 the funds allocated to the Open Access Authors Fund for this fiscal year have been exhausted, and due to budget constraints will not be reinstated. Please see the Scholarly Communication  webpage for more details.

June 20, 2018: New Library Management System

The University of Calgary’s new library management system launched June 20, 2018.  The system will change access to library resources in several ways.  The appearance of the new search interface will be slightly different but it will operate with greater efficiencies. 

UToday article May 1, 2018

April 5, 2017: Update on Journal Cancellations and Reinstatements

The Content Development LibGuide has been updated indicating reinstatements of journals from Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Mary Ann Liepert.

  • All of the Taylor & Francis Geography/Planning/Urban/Environment journals have been reinstated for 2017.
  • These subscriptions are only for calendar year 2017; they will be reviewed for renewal based on 2018 budget.
  • Journals were selected based on a number of factors, usually in combination.  These included:
  • High use; this could be any combination of downloads, citations, and publishing.
  • Demand from users, especially from more than one department/faculty.
  • Cost. We needed to stretch the money available as much as possible.
  • Were most subject areas covered to some extent?
  • We were not able to purchase everything requested. There were many more titles put forward than funds available.

For journals that were not selected at this time, there are two options:

  1. Journals can be purchased now but there needs to be equivalent cancellations of close to the same monetary value and in basically the same subject area.
  2. Journals can go on the general desiderata list.  However, these should be few in number and should be true priorities, meeting as many of the criteria for purchase as possible.

Please send purchase requests, desiderata list items, questions, and comments to

October 6, 2016: Budget and cancellations information

Libraries and Cultural Resources provides the University of Calgary community with a rich array of significant scholarly and cultural information resources that include books, periodicals, electronic resources, and audiovisual media. The continued development and management of general collections directly supports the growth of research capacity at the university, enhances the student learning experience, and forges strong ties to the community as the University of Calgary matures into an established and recognized research leader in Canada. 

Information on the Library budget, upcoming cancellations, and Ebook access models.

October 6, 2016: RefWorks cancellation

The University of Calgary is ending its subscription to RefWorks on December 31, 2016. If you wish to retain your records you will need to export your citations to another bibliographic software tool prior to that date.  The recommended date for completion of your export is December 1, 2016.

Please visit the Citation Tools Research Guide for information about suggested alternatives to RefWorks, and for instructions on exporting your citations and moving them to a new citation manager.

October 4, 2016: Grad student study space in the TFDL

Alan MacDonald Graduate Commons (TFDL 5th floor)

The Taylor Family Digital Library opened the new Alan MacDonald Graduate Commons research and writing space this month.  To review the application requirements and to apply for access to this space, please visit  Space is limited and will be randomly assigned.