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Guide to the Census

Guide for understanding the census and creating census maps.

Download Census Data

Standard geographic levels

Canadian Census Analyser from University of Toronto (authentication required) (recommended for mapping)
(currently only through 2016 Census)

Statistics Canada website

Canadian Century Research Infrastructure Census tables (CSDs and CDs) 1911-1951

  • matching GIS layers also available

Public use microdata files

Other geographic levels


List of files available:

  • 2016 - Profile and Boundary File
  • 2011 - Census/NHS Profile
  • 2006 - Profile
  • 2001 - Profile and Boundary File
  • 1996 - Profile
  • 1991 - Profile


  • Calgary Civic Census data by community and ward, pdf format
  • Calgary Open Data data and gis files, by community and ward, 1999 - current
  • An interactive web map of Calgary census tract boundaries for each of the censuses from 1986 to 2016.

Download Beyond 20/20 software to open .ivt files