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LAW Writing For and Publishing In Law Journals

Resources to assist law students and new faculty members with writing notes, comments or articles for law journals, information on factors editors use to select articles for publication, and sources used to choose which law reviews to submit to.

Canadian Exclusivity Submission Policy

Each law journal has submission guidelines that authors must follow when submitting their manuscripts.  Do not assume you know the guidelines you must comply with - check the guidelines for every journal you are considering.

One major difference between Canadian and American law journals is Canadian journals generally require authors to submit manuscripts on an exclusive basis, meaning you must submit your manuscript to one journal at a time.  Most American law journals do not require exclusivity, allowing authors to submit to multiple journals simultaneously.  American legal authors often submit to more than a dozen journals at the same time.

Submission Process

Every law journal describes either its mandatory or preferred submission process on its website.  Most provide email addresses to which the manuscript can be sent and some indicate submission services they utilize to obtain manuscripts.